Two Things Tuesdays for 30 Apr 2013

Two Things Tuesdays is a quick and simple way to give a teaser of insight to the book I’m currently reading. These could be quotes or thoughts and reactions.

  1. “In Abnegation no one has committed suicide in recent memory, but the faction’s stance is clear: Suicide, to them, is an act of selfishness. Someone who is truly selfless does not think of himself often enough to desire death. No one would say that aloud, if it happened, but everyone would think it.” p. 307
  2. “I realise that if we had both chosen differently, we might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, in grey clothes instead of black ones.” p. 338

I’m still reading Divergent. I have about 100 pages left to go, so I’ll hopefully be able to review it this week. I enjoy it more now that things are coming together, but 3/4 of the book are just ridiculous. If no one was that depressed or selfish to commit suicide in a faction, why wouldn’t everyone want to be in that one? Why wouldn’t Tris want to be in that one? (She has some quote about how peace in Abnegation was suffocating or something ridiculous.) But not until the revelation of Four and his past (no spoilers) is revealed to I feel the least bit sorry for him or any of these characters. He had a reason to get out. Tris doesn’t really, she just connects with her Dauntless side without really knowing why. It makes more sense 300 pages in and I hated everyone and their faction a little less.

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