Book Blog Tour for Anzel Spectrus by Rachel A Olson

Anzel Spectrus
A Children of Chaos Novel
by Rachel A. Olson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Anzel Spectrus has been alone as long as he can remember. So long so that he has convinced himself he prefers it that way. At least until he discovers what it’s like to have others in his life.
Mongo the minotaur usually spends his time trying to bully Anzel, until one day he asks for Anzel’s help out of desperation. Mongo’s request leads to Anzel meeting Brucie, who tells him that his aura is the color of a powerful being that seemingly no longer exists outside of a children’s bedtime story that Anzel has never heard. The three set out together in search of answers in an attempt to either prove or debunk the details of that bedtime story, and to hopefully find an answer to who Anzel really is.
The question remains, who – or what – is Anzel Spectrus?
Will he get the answers he seeks?
**Only .99 cents!!**
Rachel A Olson resides in rural Northwestern Nebraska, along with her husband, three children, two cats, and a yellow lab. She is a bit of a workaholic with a full-time day job, working as a freelance graphic designer and formatter in her spare time, as well as squeezing in her writing. Rachel is also passionate about her faith and stays involved in her church as much as she can. She enjoys the quiet outdoors, loves to travel, and often craves spicy foods. She considers herself to be a helper by nature and wants nothing more than to see other artists succeed in the areas they are most passionate about.
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Cover Reveal for A Spectacle of Souls by Jessica Julien

Today Jessica Julien, Bleeding Ink Publishing, and Rockstar
Book Tours are revealing the cover for A SPECTACLE OF SOULS, the first book in
her New Adult Paranormal Series, which releases July 7, 2020! Check out the
awesome cover and enter to win a $5 Amazon GC!

On to the reveal!

About The

Title: A
SPECTACLE OF SOULS (Circus of the Stolen Book 1)

Author: Jessica

 July 7, 2020

Publisher: Bleeding
Ink Publishing

Formats: Paperback,

Pages: ?

Find it: Goodreads,
Amazon,  Kobo

always thought she was just your average small-town waitress, but she’s
anything but average. Suffering from frequent headaches and vivid daydreams,
her oddities mask a secret hidden deep within her mind—one that could defeat
even the cleverest of psychics.

When a
mysterious circus arrives in town, Caitlyn is immediately drawn to it. While
visiting the hypnotic show, she meets a seer who warns her of a gruesome future
and urges her to stay away. But soon, Caitlyn finds herself ensnared in the
show and the Ringmaster himself.

Caitlyn’s powers for what they are, and believing they are the ones he has been
searching for, the Ringmaster is determined to claim them as his own. Trapped
within the circus and the Ringmaster’s devious grip, Caitlyn realizes that to
escape the seer’s foretold fate, her only choice is to fight. Banding together
with Bevier, an imprisoned psychic, Meg, an eccentric seamstress, and Daniel, a
handsome magician, Caitlyn falls into the Psychic Realm to thwart the
Ringmaster and stop the show before they succumb to his control and are trapped
forever in his spectacle of souls.

About Jessica:
Born in the
picturesque state of Washington, Jessica Julien is the marketing director of a
boutique publishing company, a stay at home mom, wife, and wanderluster. When
not drafting marketing plans or doing laundry, she spends her time writing
young adult and new adult novels focused on the paranormal and supernatural
inspired by her love of all things dark and twisty. With her vivacious
imagination, witty personality, and ability to bring sarcasm to a new level
Jessica creates unique worlds and characters that readers can’t help but hate
to love and love to hate.

In her free
time, Jessica can be found enjoying a cup of dark roasted coffee while
snuggling under a blanket with a good book. When the weather is right she hops
in the car with her husband, son, and dogs to road trip across the country
where she delights in eating red vines, drinking iced lattes, and singing
loudly in the passenger seat.

P.S She
loves pumpkins, her dogs, the rain, eating food, being snarky, and staying away
from all people if possible…but she won’t tell you that because her bio is
already TOO LONG so find her on social media to learn more…

Jessica Julien loves coffee so much she mentioned it twice, it does not mean
she has a problem. She can stop anytime she wants (*whispers) she doesn’t want

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Book Blitz for Court of Savages by Christy Sloat

I am so
excited that
Sloat is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you
haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author Christy Sloat, be sure to
check out all the details below.

This blitz
also includes a giveaway for an eBook from
courtesy of Christy. and Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a
chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

About The Book:

Title: COURT OF SAVAGES (The Savage Hunt Series Book
Author: Christy
Pub. Date: March 31, 2020
Publisher: CHBB

Pages: 180
Formats:  eBook
Find it: Amazon Goodreads
High atop a mountain crest sits the grand Gahana Royal Hotel. The world’s
most elite are dying to see what lies beyond its iron gates, yet only a select
few earn an invitation.

How do they find themselves on that VIP list? By being truly monstrous
human beings capable of the most fiendish acts. Once an invitation is extended,
the evaluation begins. The Court of Savages thrive off the hunt, the thrill of
the chase and the delight of the feast. Yet they adhere to a strict code. Never
will they harm a human who is innocent, good, or reformed. Their beastly
pallets require the most vile of beings and an invitation to the secretive
resort has just been extended to London Stiles.

Can she prove there’s enough goodness in her to save, or will her
check-out date be postponed indefinitely?

The last to
speak was Nola. When she spoke, everyone listened intently, her presence
commanded silence. Especially when it came to Lathan. His dark eyes constantly
watched her, even as she was just merely watching others. Whether she knew he
was looking her way was never known.

She pulled
her red hair out of her face.

“And these
humans you hired as staff, they’ll keep our secret?”


“How can
you be sure?” she urged. Amon smiled at her. She was his favorite, not because
he was in love with her like Lathan was, but because he respected her more than
the others.

“Do you
doubt me?”

hesitation, she said, “I do not trust humans, Amon. Do you not remember how my
family died? How the humans hunted us down like we were the monsters. All we
killed then were their livestock and they killed my family like they were
killing their children. All we took from them was their food. What would the
humans do here, if they knew we were killing their own kind?”

A good
question for Amon, who didn’t look shaken by it. Still, she didn’t trust Amon’s
plan. He leaned forward and touched her cold cheek.

“My dear
Nola, you must understand that I have this under control. I am older than all
of you put together. I have seen the earth before humans inhabited it. Before
they became the kings and queens that ruled. My life has given me one thing,
and that’s an understanding of how they work.

“I know
what makes them tick. What they desire. And that is to see their kind suffer.
Not the ones who are innocent, no. The humans who deliver nothing but cruelty.
The hatred they have for their kind that do bad onto others. The evil they hold
in their hearts for those who have hurt them. It’s delicious. Can you not taste
it, my friends?”

pressed a button and the door to their room opened. In walked fifty humans,
dressed in Amon’s strict uniform as the new staff of the hotel. Their fear
apparent on their faces and in the air.

“Taste it,
friends,” Amon said quietly before he addressed his staff. “Humans, tell my
court here how much you hate the humans who have hurt you. But, do not use your
words. Use your mind. Think of how they damaged you inside and how badly they
deserve to die by our hands. Go ahead, you are safe with us.”

With that
they closed their eyes, or stared at the monsters who sat in front of them. And
Nola sniffed the air around her, her teeth-baring and she rubbed her throat as
the familiar feeling of hunger clung to her senses. Mariet’s teeth chattered as
she gripped the table in front of her; hunger boiling in her belly.

stared at Nola as he had learned to control his hunger, but not to control his
desire for Nola. God how he’d love to pull her onto the table and undress her.
He wanted nothing more than to stare down at her bare pale body and treat her
like the goddess she was.

The twins
writhed in their seats, barely able to control the burning rage in their bones.
They were born to deliver justice to these people. The Sister’s Karma, they
were sometimes called, but sirens of the sea they truly were.
  For them the hunger was overpowering, for
they truly only fed on humans who did the worst. Siren’s often got overlooked
the most.

“Do you
believe me yet?”

As they all
anticipated feeding, now more than ever, Amon dismissed his staff. He addressed
his friends once again.

“Well, what
say you? Are you to be in my court? To trust me in taking care of you and
delivering justice to those humans who have been wronged. I assure you, you
will be treated as the royalty you are.”

smiled at Amon, and gave his nod of approval. The twin’s both said, “Aye,” in
unison. Mariet made Amon promise that the humans who resided in the sleepy town
some miles away would never know what was happening. Once he did, she seemed

It was Nola
who was the hardest to convince. There were too many what if’s for her to
consider. She’d seen too much horror in her life and she wanted a peaceful existence.

Lathan said, addressing her from across the table. “You lost a family, let Amon
give you that back. With us you’ll have safety. Out there, there are no

struck a chord within as she seemed to relax a bit more. Lathan was known to
calm many. Perhaps it was his dashing good looks, or maybe his deep voice. But
whatever the reason, she said, “I’m trusting you here. Do not make me regret

“Oh, I
won’t,” Lathan assured her. He meant it.

“Well then
it’s settled, we are the Court of Savages, truly and surely. Welcome to your
new home.” Amon said.
About Christy: 

I am
Southern California native, now living in New Jersey! 
How did that
 I am married and have  two beautiful little girls who love
to read just like Mommy. I have had a passion for books since I was
a little girl and an imagination for just as long. I hope my books can
inspire others to read and to write too.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads

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Blog Tour for Skyjump by Anastasia Bolinder


by Anastasia Bolinder

Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure

Release Date: November 6th 2019

Bone Bear Press


In a world that no longer believes in Skyjumps Equila discovers secrets are what keep you alive. Making enemies and lurking shadows are just the beginning.
Embark in the first book in the Skyjump trilogy.

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About the Author

Known as Astarabriarart on almost all social media.
She’s an artist by day and writer by night.
With a passion for stories, animals and magic.
She works at a candy store, owns two dogs and one very crazy ferret.
Her other works include, “From The Dust” a readers favorite award winner
Ya fantasy about a wingless fairy and “The Wolf and the Crimson Maiden”
the real story behind the red ridding hood fairy tale.
Find out more about her other writings and
art at all the places below:


Deviant Art:


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Book Tour for Three Hares – The Jade Dragonball by Scott Lauder & David Ross

The Three Hares
Scott Lauder & David Ross
5 September 2019
Depth, insights, action, and surprising twists and turns
make this quest fantasy a standout production!
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Sara Livingstone’s school trip to the Beijing Palace Museum takes a
terrifying turn when an encounter with the ancient Qingming Scroll
thrusts her a thousand years into China’s past. With secrets in the
shadows and danger around every corner, Sara must take her place in a
cosmic battle and find the courage to face an unworldly ancient magic.

Author Details

Scott Lauder was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. Having taught in Greece,
Japan, and England, he now lives with his wife and four cats in the
UAE where he teaches English. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and
drinking good coffee. His other books include The Right Thing, A
Single Shot, and The Boy-King Tutankhamun.
David Scott Ross has traveled and taught throughout Asia since he
first moved there in 1987. He currently teaches in upstate NY, where
he lives with his wife and two sons. When David is not writing or
teaching, he dreams about becoming a chef, a rock star, maybe an
actor, but probably not all at once. At present, he is wrapping up two
projects: Pastimes, encounters with a Stone Age people, and Dim, a detective novel.